How do you remove the ashes from the Sedore 3000?

There is an Ash Door (available on the right or left) that opens up into the back chamber. The Sedore 3000 comes with 2 tools. A flat bladed poker to manage the firebox: push arounf the coals, ashes and fuel. And a hoe shaped tool that draws the ashes out the Ash Door into the awaiting metal bucket placed under the opening.  It takes less than a minute to empty the ashes out and can be done while the Sedore 3000 is running. In fact if the Flue is hot it will draw the ash dust back into the Sedore 3000 minimizing cleanup.
What is the difference between the Domestic and Radiant Coils in the Sedore 3000?
The Domestic coil is a smaller coil and it is placed in the back chamber where the temperature isn't as hot so it allows for a direct hookup to your domestic hot water heater.  The Hydronic or Radiant heat coil is larger and it is installed in the front chamber at the hottest place in the stove to pull as much heat out for transfer it to another place. Base board heat, Radiant floor heat, radiator, etc.  This heated water could also be used in the domestic supply but a mixing valve would need to be installed for safely lowering the temperature to a safe level to prevent scalding.
Would the Water coils be damaged if I run the Sedore 3000 without fluid in them?
The Sedore can be run with the coils installed without any fluid in them.  Since they are steel they can withstand the heat.  Just make sure that the stove and the coil is cool before putting any fluids into the coil for the first time. 
What are the Water Coils made of in the Sedore?
The coils are made out of a high grade Stainless Steel.  
Does the Sedore come in a smaller size than the Sedore 3000?
The Sedore only comes in one size at the moment.  It used to come in smaller sizes but the demand was small and so it wasn't cost effective to keep offering them.  The 3000 is the optimal size as it can be adjusted to heat small or large spaces and allows for longer burn times than the smaller units because the bigger burn chamber can hold more fuel.